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Who is APST?

Airsoft Pacific Strike Team (APST) is the oldest active Airsoft team in the NorthWest. From our beginning in 2002, APST has maintained a fearsome reputation of being an increasingly skilled group of adults who bring competition to the next level. APST believes that Mil-Sim is the name of the game. We train, play, and equip ourselves with a high standard for tactics and loadout requirements.

APST has had the privilege to train with and employ members of the US Military and Law Enforcement. These resources have been a great asset to the team. APST has taken part in organizing or paticipating in hundreds of local events since the team started. We strive to continue raising the bar for everyone in the region.

You can read more about APST on the other pages of our site, also check out photos and video of the team in action. Thanks again for visiting!

More about APST

October 26, 2011 - Changes Afoot

Its been a busy year for APST. So far we’ve played a ton of skirmishes, hosted some killer games, gone to a few great mil-sim events, and added a few new players.

Carsten Jensen - Carsten comes to us from the defunct Willamette Airsoft Rangers

Chris Beran - A young gun, sneaky and reliable

Returning Members

Nic Redfield Returning from inactivity

Andrew Child Returns from exile in Utah

John Mueller Returns from deployment in Iraq

Kevin Hoggard Returns from watching young girls play softball

Leadership changes

At our team meeting in August we decided to reorganize our leadership. Matt Rowell continues his post as Team Commander and Treasurer. Ray Beran steps up as Team Commander and Armorer. Tim Jensen takes the role of Team commander and Field C.O.


We played at too many games to list them all, and hosted quite a few skirmishes. A few of the highlights would be: Summer Slaughter 2 - A two day skirmish and Swap Meet we hosted. It was a rousing success. Lots of action, lots of gear being sold, new friendships formed, and no heat injuries. BSP Impression Game - Although it was short, this game gave us some good mil-sim gaming in addition to trigger time. Ash Bash 4 - Nothing beats running missions behind enemy lines in the pouring rain, and so thoroughly disheartening your foe that they quit early. August Field Exercise - An overnight combat patrol. Eating from your ruck, sleeping in the muck. and coming soon… Thunderstrike 2!

APST Releases Training Videos For CQC7

APST takes first place in Black Sierra’s CQC6 competition

Watch APST in action!

APST at CQC practice

December 6th, 2008 - APST CQC practice

APST practices for the upcoming Black Sierra Challenge event in January.  We now have access to an ARMY helicopter hanger for our CQC training events.

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August 9, 2008 - APST at Operation Sudden Strike

APST battles against NATO troops as the Chinese forces at Titan 1 Tacticals MOUT airsoft event. The event was held at Camp Rilea, a National Guard base is Astoria OR

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May 4, 2008 - APST at Black Sierra’s Operation: Ivan Crossing

APST competes as the Warsaw force at BSP’s Operation: Ivan Crossing.

APST fought against NATO troops to hold our bridges, capture ammo depots,take out communication towers, and destroy enemy artillery batteries.

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