APST's Rick Raddue

About APST

Airsoft Pacific Strike Team at Operation Belligerence

The Airsoft Pacific Strike Team (APST) is an all adult,mil-sim Airsoft team based in Portland Oregon. We’ve been parcipating in the local Airsoft community here in Oregon since 2002. First and foremost, we play the game.

Beyond that we enjoy organizing events, reviewing exciting new Airsoft products, acting in film productions and we strive to bolster Airsoft’s image everywhere in the world. The things we value most are our sense of sportsmanship, the comradery we share with our fellow teammates, and maintaining the fact that no matter how serious it may seem we’re all out here to have fun.

APST is the official skirmish team of AirsoftPacific.com, the Pacific Northwest’s largest Airsoft player community site. The goal in mind when starting the team was to set an example to other players in the area of what a team should be and to continuously raise the bar for competition.

Some members of APST have extensive prior combat experience in different branches of the military, and some do not. Despite our real-life experience and past, we all strive to do well at mil-sim and do it right. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and the knowledge of our prior-military members with the community.